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Shop Parsons Thomas Kinkade Gallery for Your Father’s Day Gifts

The special dads in your life probably don’t need another tie or coffee mug. This year, gift them something truly memorable—a gorgeous piece of unique artwork from our award winning family owned gallery. We have a huge selection of beautiful paintings from Robert Finale, Thomas Kinkade Studios, Abraham Hunter, and Mark Keathley. We think Mark Keathley’s Dreams of Greenwould make the perfect gift for any golf loving Dad! Mark Keathley’s father loved to watch and play golf. He would often practice with Mark in the backyard or bring him along to the golf course, which inspired Mark to continue with the game.

“What a game! I have played many different sports in my life, but there is nothing quite like the maddening, wonderful, exhilarating, and frustrating game of golf. It is all up to you and your ability, thinking, concentration, and the swing. “Swing the club, son,” he would say. “Don’t hit it with it. This isn’t baseball! Swinnnggggg! Swiinnnnggg!”

I remember the first time my 7 iron hit it 150 yards straight at the pin and rolled up 2 inches in front of the cup on a par three. There wasn’t a better feeling in the world! Then, on the next hole, I shanked the same 7 iron and watched the ball head to the lake. “OH MY GOSH!” and other expletives would be uttered. I might even pound that club on the ground a few times. Soon, however, I was playing on the high school golf team and studying the sport like my dad did. I even helped others on the team with their “swinnngg.” I would repeat some of the same things I heard as a boy from my dad – if I learned, so could they.”

—Mark Keathley

35 years later, when Mark began a golf painting, he remembered watching The Masters golf tournament with his dad. Reminiscing about the beautifully manicured Augusta golf course and how the winner of the tournament would receive a green jacket and a large cash prize, he imagined the morning of the final round—“mist rising on the water, the grounds keepers finishing their perfection, and the crowds coming soon. On this day, everyone would have “Dreams of Green.”

Shop Parsons Thomas Kinkade for Your Father’s Day Gifts

Purchase Dreams of Green for the special Dad in your life this Father’s Day or come shop for another special selection from our gallery. For additional information about our artists, events, or our gallery, please contact us today!