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Parsons Thomas Kinkade
527 Lakeland Plaza
Cumming, GA 30040

Phone: 770-888-9924

Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday 10 - 7
Saturday 10 - 6
Closed Sunday

18×24   SN   195   $750 Framed and $550 Unframed
18×24   AP   25     $1195 Framed and $995 Unframed
25.5×34  SN  95   $1150 Framed and $830 Unframed
25.5×34  AP  15   $1695 Framed and $1375 Unframed
30×40    AP   5     $2350 Framed or $1900 Unframed
30×40   PE    5     $4600 Framed or $5050 Unframed
36×48   SN   15    $2350 Framed or $1800 Unframed

PRINTABLE PDF – Roaring Fork Retreat

As an artist, I spend countless hours hiking and hoping, walking and working, sometimes even running while trying to chase a good evening light glow in the best possible place I can find. I end up running because I just can’t find it! Sometimes, I’m in a panic. Surely, there is “the place” just over the next hill. Let me tell you this – it is a rare event to find “it!”   The perfect setting (artistically) just doesn’t exist our there. Nature in all its glory and tranquility, even its harshness and disorganization, just doesn’t arrange things perfectly for a two dimensional view very often. Sitting on the bank of this river would be glorious, but getting a photo of it would be difficult. So, as an artist, when I enter “the world of chaos,” my eye is searching for design, color, contrast, and mood. My mind thinks, “I see some here, but over there, that is nice. If only there was more water or mist from the falls, and some beams of light coming down would make it perfect.” Alas, it doesn’t happen. So, working from my intense desire to get it all in, I use the memory of those hikes and a variety of subject matter photos to create the spot I wish I could find; that place where you or I  would be able to sit for hours and rest, watch the kids play, and have the thoughts of the world overwhelmed by the endless roar of the falls.  Don’t you just love water falls? We hike for hours to see them. For me, watching water come over rocks and cascade down in misty expressions causes me to be thankful. Where does this water come from? For millennia, it just keeps on flowing down, down, happily looking for the lowest place to go and reminding us that it is ok to be humble, useful, refreshing, or kind.  Roaring Fork Retreat was created for you as a reminder of the beauty and rest which is in the world for you to enjoy! You have a special spot to BE – humble, useful, refreshing, and kind. Be refreshed –  and enjoy.   –  Mark Keathley.

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